Plenary Speaker Profile (2015-16)
Jere Confrey
Joseph D. Moore Distinguished Professor of Mathematics Education
North Carolina State University
Learning Progressions and the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics

A hallmark of the CCSS-M is their underlying learning progressions built on research on student thinking. The talk will address how its learning progressions are grounded in research on learning, places where those connections need strengthening, and describe ways diagnostic assessments can reveal and help address underlying student difficulties and highlight student ways of thinking.

Dr. Jere Confrey is the Joseph D. Moore Distinguished Professor of Mathematics Education at North Carolina State University. She directs the SUDDS team ("Scaling Up Digital Design Studies") in building new learning maps ( and related diagnostic assessments to support personalized learning. Confrey served as Chief Mathematics Officer of Amplify Learning 2012-2014. She served on the National Validation Committee on the Common Core Standards and built, a website unpacking the Common Core. She was Vice Chairman of the Mathematics Sciences Education Board, National Academy of Sciences (1998-2004), chaired the NRC Committee, which produced On Evaluating Curricular Effectiveness, and was a coauthor of NRC's Scientific Research in Education. She worked extensively in technical assistance on Systemic Reform (SSI, USI, RSI). She co-founded the UTEACH program for Secondary Math and Science teacher preparation program at the University of Texas in Austin. She authored Math Projects, Function Probe, Precalculus Interactive Diagrams, Graphs N Glyphs and LPP-Sync software. Dr. Confrey received a Ph.D. in mathematics education from Cornell University.