Plenary Speaker Profile (1998-99)
Philip Uri Treisman
Professor of Mathematics and Director of the Dana Center for Mathematics and Science Education
University of Texas at Austin
The University's Role in Supporting the Teaching of Advanced High School Mathematics and Science Courses

There are surprisingly large differences by state in the percentages of students successfully completing advanced high school mathematics and science courses. What accounts for the differences, and what roles do the standards and reform movement play in the demography of course taking? The talk will explore these questions giving specific attention to the new strategies for increasing course enrollment used in the Texas model, which is managed by the UT College of Natural Sciences.

Dr. Philip Uri Treisman received the 1987 Charles Dana Award for Pioneering Achievement in American Higher Education and was named a MacArthur Fellow in 1992. In 1989, Newsweek selected him as one of 25 Americans on the leading edge of innovation, one of three in education. His PhD thesis, A Study of the Mathematics Performance of Black Students at the University of California, Berkeley, provided the theoretical basis for supplementary workshops for calculus courses. His insights and the example of his program at Berkeley spurred the national growth of such workshops. Treisman's later work with high school teachers in California and Texas demonstrated again that he is one of the leading experts on the development of programs aimed at increasing minority participation in mathematics. He is an active member of many national committees, advisory boards, and commissions concerned with mathematics education and mathematical and scientific manpower.